Below are a few frequently asked questions about purchasing ResMed equipment. Simply click on a relevant question to expand and reveal some useful information.

Why can ResMed’s products sometimes cost more than competitors’?

ResMed products are designed to last, are user-friendly and engineered for ease-of-use.

Quality is embedded into the culture, systems and testing methods of ResMed, as is a commitment to listen and act on patient feedback to continually improve and enhance products. ResMed also invests up to 7% of annual revenue into Research and Development in order to continue improving OSA treatment for millions worldwide.

We test in much tougher situations than would typically be experienced in a patient’s home. For example, we conduct extensive testing of therapy devices and components to ensure their reliability and endurance beyond a product’s anticipated life-cycle—so you can rest assured your therapy device will deliver quality treatment every night.

Patient evaluation of ResMed products during development is conducted regularly. Feedback from user evaluations, focus groups and market research ensures that ResMed hears the voice of the customer on satisfaction, comfort, mask fit and therapy deliverability. So if it is a ResMed product, you know it has been cleverly engineered, proven, and rigorously tested for durability, reliability, and performance.

ResMed is justifiably proud of the state-of-the-art facilities in Australia, where many of the products are manufactured. A dedicated and technically-skilled workforce uses the highest-quality local and imported parts to produce products worthy of bearing the ResMed name.

Why is there a cost difference between similar products sold in Australia and the United States?

The cost of ResMed products can vary across countries and regions of the world due to a number of factors.

The difference in healthcare systems in each country plays a major role in determining product prices within that country. The US government recognises the health consequence of untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and subsidises OSA therapy. Americans with health insurance may have their entire treatment costs covered. Accordingly, awareness of the condition is high, with product sales levels over 60 times higher than in Australia. As a result, prices in the US are lower because it is a high-volume, low-service environment.

In Australia, treatment for OSA is not fully reimbursed. You may only be entitled to claim part of the costs if your health insurance covers it. Fortunately, awareness of the severity of the condition is growing. ResMed regularly lobbies the government to subsidise OSA treatment, and if you’d like to help raise awareness you can also lobby your Local MP for OSA subsidies. Lower awareness means lower diagnosis rates and lower product sales within Australia, which impacts on cost. However, we are fortunate to have a higher level of service for Australian customers.

However, purchasing the ideal therapy device and mask is only part of what you need to successfully treat your OSA and enhance your health.

Having knowledgeable, trained experts on-hand together with receiving reliable after-sales service, ensures you get the support you need in adapting to treatment and achieving maximum results. Treatment for sleep apnea is not simple and requires ongoing consultation with your GP, specialist or clinically trained equipment provider. It is important that you receive ongoing advice and support to successfully adapt to treatment and start experiencing results.

ResMed’s Australian pricing generally offers you:

  • Reliable ‘before and after’ sales service (which covers education and awareness, support, mask selection, fittings and adjustments, setting up, and trialling new devices and masks for compatibility).
  • Additional follow-up consultations to monitor your treatment progress, after-sales service, warranties and repairs.
  • Access to the sleepvantage™ member support program, designed to support you on your sleep therapy journey.

So when you purchase a ResMed product within Australia, not only are you receiving equipment from a recognised world leading sleep specialist, you’re purchasing real peace of mind too.

Are there any medical rebates for therapy equipment?

It all depends on where you live.

The NSW government provides a medical rebate of $0.16 per day or $0.32 per day if treatment is required for 24-hour usage. To apply for the rebate, customers should obtain the Application for the NSW Government Life Support Electricity Rebate form. This requires endorsement by your doctor.

The ACT government provides a Life Support rebate that includes therapy devices. The life support equipment must be prescribed by an ACT doctor for the treatment of a life–threatening condition.

The Victorian government provides a Life Support rebate and the Queensland government provides rebates via the Electricity Life Support Concession Scheme. However, in both of these states, therapy devices are not currently eligible. Western Australia and the Northern Territory do not have rebate schemes for therapy users.

The South Australian Energy Concession scheme is administered by the Department for Families and Communities.

In Tasmania an electricity supplier, Aurora Energy, provides a medical rebate of approx. $0.15 per day. To apply for the rebate, customers should obtain the application form for the Aurora Energy Life Support Electricity Rebate. This requires endorsement by your doctor.

States and Territories that have a rebate scheme:

New South Wales


South Australia


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Why is buying ResMed products overseas or online not recommended?

Successful treatment is not just about ensuring that you have the ideal therapy device and mask. It’s also about receiving knowledgeable and reliable after-sales service that provides you with everything you need to get the best out of your treatment.

If you are thinking about purchasing ResMed products from outside Australia or New Zealand, either directly or via the internet, you should carefully consider the following facts.

  • ResMed accredited outlets are NOT AUTHORISED to sell to customers outside their own country, so you may not end up receiving a genuine ResMed product.
  • ResMed products are frequently customised to serve country-specific requirements.
  • The manufacturer's warranty and the servicing of products purchased overseas are not valid within Australia and New Zealand. If you purchase overseas and there is a problem, you must send your equipment back to the country of purchase for servicing and the shipping in of parts).
  • ResMed accredited outlets are not authorised to sell ResMed Products over the internet.
  • Local prices include a premium level of service, offered only by a ResMed accredited outlet.
  • For equipment purchased over the internet, no manufacturer's warranty, assistance with use, setting up of your device or any ongoing support is available in Australia and New Zealand. Any assistance or technical support you may require will incur fees.
  • Are you getting what you paid for? Buyers may inadvertently purchase ResMed copy products from unscrupulous online traders. Authentic, high-quality ResMed products with full manufacturer's warranty and service support are available from ResMed accredited outlets only. Find your nearest accredited outlet.
  • Australian and New Zealand customers enjoy the additional benefits of the sleepvantage member support program. Join free.

What happens if I buy a ResMed product overseas or over the internet and it is defective?

You have to deal directly with the seller. ResMed Service Centres are located in each region where accredited outlets sell and support ResMed products, and these Service Centres are certified to repair products sold only in those regions.

ResMed’s Global Warranty and Repairs Policy requires equipment to be returned to the region of purchase for a manufacturer's warranty claim. Therefore, any products purchased overseas or over the internet, require the customer to return the device to the country of the seller for repair.

Other factors you should be aware of include:

  • Some ResMed products feature regional customisations in their specifications to comply with local legislation or to conform to other local conditions.
  • Patients are encouraged to purchase from their own region with a guaranteed high level of service included, in order to prevent the sale of products without proper patient consultation or explanation prior to purchase.
  • Medical devices in Australia are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and must be included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) before being made available for supply in Australia.
  • Devices purchased through a ResMed Accredited partner are listed in the ARTG and have evidence demonstrating that their record of safety, performance and quality is acceptable to the TGA.
  • Devices purchased overseas or via the internet for use in Australia may be in contravention of the Therapeutic Goods Act and Therapeutic Goods Regulations, and may also be subject to Australian Customs restrictions.

What are the main benefits of ResMed’s sleepvantage program?

Become a sleepvantage member, and you’ll not only enjoy a range of member benefits, but also become part of a support network of other patients, healthcare professionals and the community at large. By being a sleepvantage member, you can:

  • become part of a network of people on a similar journey, providing mutual support and advice
  • get an extended manufacturer's warranty* on your therapy equipment
  • join or start discussions in the sleepvantage online forums
  • access a range of educational articles and videos on sleep apnea
  • find your nearest ResMed accredited outlet
  • register your interest to take part in clinical trials and be one of the first to trial the newest products on the market
  • access our free member support line
  • be part of exciting promotions and special offers.

Membership is FREE for Australian and New Zealand residents. Join today.

Note: The questions and answers above are for general information purposes only. For further information or clarification, contact sleepvantage or call on 1300 305 705 (Aus.) or 0800 737 633 (NZ).