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Breathing is the source of life.

Yet it’s also something we usually take for granted. It’s not until you find yourself snoring at night, waking up tired or struggling to breathe that you appreciate the importance of every single breath, and start to focus on better breathing.

If you’re having trouble breathing—while you’re asleep or during the day—it’s important to take your symptoms seriously. Once your breathing condition is diagnosed and treated, you can start to live the healthiest life you can live.


The importance of a good night’s sleep

Sleep and well-being go hand in hand, and getting a good night’s sleep is just as important to your overall health as eating well and exercising regularly. Think of your body like a factory.


What is sleep apnea?

If you’ve tried improving your sleep, but still snore or wake up feeling tired, you may be at risk of a common sleeping disorder called sleep apnea. ‘Apnea’ literally means ‘no breath’ or ‘stopping breathing’. When you have an apnea, air stops flowing to your lungs for ten seconds or longer.

Do I need a sleep test?

If you think you or your partner may not be receiving the full benefits of sleep, follow these steps to find out what to do next.

Treatment options

Treating your sleep apnea can give you back that sense of refreshing sleep, improve your overall quality of life and increase your energy throughout the day. Why is treatment necessary? When you have an apnea, air stops flowing to your lungs for ten seconds or longer. The most common form of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which is sleep apnea caused by an obstruction of the airway.

Starting treatment

Now that you know you have sleep apnea, you're on the road to healthy sleep, and you’ll want to get the most out of your treatment. Living with sleep apnea can be an adjustment. And if you've been diagnosed with sleep apnea but haven't yet begun therapy, you probably have some questions about how your life will change and how it may affect your day-to-day activities and relationships.

Women and sleep

As women get older and their lives get busier, sleep often gets put on the back burner. Gone are the days where sleeping in until the afternoon on the weekend are the norm.

What's keeping you awake?

Dr Carmel Harrington answers frequently-asked questions about insomnia

Tips for managing jet lag on holiday

There are two words that cause even the most seasoned of travellers to groan: jet lag. This dreaded condition makes many of us feel exhausted and miserable. It can ruin a perfect holiday, and makes returning home afterwards even less exciting.

5 podcasts about sleep

In 2004, former MTV personality Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer wrote a program that allowed them to automatically download Internet radio broadcasts to an iPod.

5 reasons why pulling an all-nighter is a bad idea

High school and university exams are right around the corner. Your kids and grandkids have their noses stuck in textbooks and are furiously taking notes to prepare. But have you also noticed more yawning and droopy eyelids throughout the day?

2 podcasts to help you snooze

Most podcasts try to engage their audience. At the very least, they want you to stay awake until the end of the episode. Sleep With Me sets out to do the exact opposite.

Easy ways to make your bedroom more sleep friendly

There’s nothing quite like crawling into bed after a long day. But is your bedroom as relaxing as it could be? How you light, decorate, and furnish your bedroom can have a big impact on your sleep quality. Even if you aren’t ready for a complete boudoir makeover, a few changes can have a positive effect.

A glossary of sleep apnea terms

Getting diagnosed with sleep apnea can be daunting. You’ve undergone a sleep test, and now your sleep specialist or clinician sounds like she’s speaking in a foreign language as she explains your results and prescription. It’s easy to get overwhelmed!

A relaxing cup of tea – the best gift!

There’s always that one person on the Christmas list who is notoriously difficult to buy for. She’s the type of person who has everything, or he’s notorious for returning gifts on Boxing Day.

Diet, exercise, and sleep: How the three pillars of health work together

Diet and exercise are certainly important, but if you’re only focused on these two “pillars of health” you’re missing an essential component: sleep.

Sleeping for two - Pregnancy and sleep

Sleep is important to one’s health and wellbeing, and even more so when you’re “sleeping for two” (or more!). How well you sleep will depend on a number of factors, but most women can expect certain changes as their pregnancy progresses.

7 things that are preventing you from sleeping

Everybody wants to get a good night’s sleep, and most of us do our best to ensure this happens.